Get the India Advantage with Virgo

The Indian manufacturing sector ranks high in the world and is expected to dominate the global manufacturing space within a few years. India's tremendous potential derives from the following:

In recent years, the Asia-Pacific region has become the center of economic expansion giving India a geographical and cultural advantage.

There is a thriving middle class population with disposable income that makes the Indian market comparable to USA and Europe, and brands across product groups are keen to reach this vast demographic.

The large Indian English speaking and technically qualified workforce is another reason for global companies to look at India.

There is an abundance of natural resources and raw materials that are available to the manufacturing sector.

There exist areas of unexplored market in India which can provide high return on investment (ROI) to companies interested in harnessing these opportunities and utilizing diverse skills and abilities available to them.

The special economic zones established by the Indian government provide exclusive territories to support world-class manufacturing and services and bring with them incentives such as liberal labour laws, special tax rebates and subsidies. State governments also support industry and commerce with incentives like low cost industrial land, tax rebates and investment subsidies. This enables new businesses to make investments and gain advantages of lower operation costs.

For Indian businesses, the growing markets across India and the improved infrastructure, transportation, communications and logistics means that they can now look at diversifying their presence across other regions and states.

To enter and adapt to the Indian market, businesses need expertise and a keen understanding of each region and market in India. Businesses also need platforms where they can come together with their peers in the industry, connect with potential buyers and exchange knowledge and insights.

Virgo brings the India Advantage to all its clients, both Indian and international. Our networking platforms place companies in front of a large buying population and enable them to showcase their technologies, innovations, products and services to them in a business friendly environment.